Basic raw materials employed

  • Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM)
  • Antioil rubber (NBR, HNBR)
  • Butylic rubber (IIR)
  • Natural rubber (NR)
  • Plyurethane rubber (PU)
  • Silicon rubber (SI)
  • Synthetic rubber (SBR, IP)


Production output

  • Various types of rubber products, resistant to acids, fats, oils, solvents, for use at low or high temperatures, in damp environments, resistant to prolonged repeated mechanic stress, highly resistant to traction, tearing, cutting, with high torsion values and therefore strong resistance to breakage.
  • Silicon rubber parts, particularly resistant to high temperature.
  • Mixed-structure products such as metal-rubber, thermoplastic-rubber, polyurethane-rubber, reinforced parts strengthened using textile fibers or metal inserts, rubber spools, customized tires based on the Client's specifications.

In further detail

For the maritime sector   Products for the automotive sector
Apparecchiature elettromedicali   Meccanica generale

For the maritime sector


Products for the automotive sector

Central spools.   Silent-block.
Conical spools.   Fuel connectors.
Bow-side disks.   Relay-supporting rubbers, dashboard links.
Lateral spools.   Battery-holder supports.
Double or quadruple balancers.   Flexible coupling.
Spools with supports and/or clamps.   Cable shafts.
Rubber protections.   Generic washers.
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Generic mechanic products


Parts for electro-medical devices

Filters manifolds connectors.   Saliva sucker connectors
Mechanical safety bellow capsa.   Cable shafts.
Safety caps for breaks and rod bearings.   Different kinds of mats.
Safety seal sleeves for cardanic shafts.   Container caps and covers.
Joint washers.   Holders for medical instruments.
Rubber seals.   Protective rubber corners.
OR rings.   Protective bellow caps.
Buffers shock-absorber springs.   Protections for the underfoot control on dentist chairs.
Rubber connectors.    
Oil exhaust pipes.    
Rubber sealing rings.    
Cable shafts.    
Sealing caps.    
Rubber components for spools.    
Toothed belts.    
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